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Elite Heat Service-Your Frac Water Heaters supplier for the Oilfield.,

Located in the Fort St. John and Dawson Creek area providing service to all of North-Western Canada.


Elite Heat Services has been proudly serving Northern British Columbia and Alberta clients since 2009. We provide the most reliable and highest quality trailer mounted frac water heaters in the industry. Our head office is located just north of Fort St. John, British Columbia at Mile 61 of the Alaska Highway and we are now operating in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. We offer fast, reliable service to any location in British Columbia and Alberta. Elite Heat Services is committed to satisfying the customer and continuously provides safe, reliable and quality service regardless of the project scope.

What makes Elite Heat Services different from the competition?

  • Three of the four heaters at Elite Heat Services are "direct drive" motor to water/propane pump.
    Our older heater has a motor to hydraulic system which in-turn runs the water and propane pump systems. This system is the same as our competitions equipment.
  • All of Elite Heat Services heaters have a natural gas conversion kit for the burner system which allows our clients to use the gas from their near-by wells to run the burner instead of buying propane. As far as we know, we are the only ones that have that conversion kit.
  • Of course Elite Heat Services and our employees take pride in our equipment and are dedicated to providing our clients with a top of the line service. Although our main focus is safety, we are committed to having the most reliable, efficient and top quality equipment in the industry.

Frac Water Heaters For Rent

Find out the specifications of Elite Heat Services Frac Water Heaters.

  • We currently have 4 - 35 million BTU frac water heaters specializing in the heating of above or below ground pits/ponds or 400bbl tank farms.

  • The trailers are equipped with a 10,000 litre propane tank providing a minimum of 10 hours of heating time running at 100% capacity. Also available is a 29,000 litre propane trailer for longer burn time capabilities and less trucking.

  • All of our heaters are capable of running on either propane or natural gas, provided there is a processed natural gas source nearby with sufficient supply. (50 psi (350 kPa) constant line pressure).

  • The trailer mounted Mission Pump will pump a maximum of 3.5 m³/min, increasing the temperature of the water by 30°C on a single pass through the burner.

  • Capable of being fed by larger water pumps for higher circulation rates if needed.